Are your copiers  “Old school”?


We often still see old copiers in funny magazine pages and wonder, did people really use those things? For as long as people have needed a second copy, we have had copiers, so yes, they have been around forever. Today’s copiers have changed a lot!

Today’s machines  Scan, Copy, Fax EASY


No more 1980’s single line monochrome readout copiers that NO ONE can read, much less make any sense of how to do something as simple as send a fax. Todays copiers are become more of a simple computer and less of a clunky hard to use device. We can program all your fax numbers of course, but we can do way more. We can setup all your faxes to go to one or more people via email, cutting down on printed documents. But why fax when you can scan in color or black and white PDF’s and scan right to your email?

A new copier | Welcome to the new simple

When you lease copiers from us, we delivery your chosen device AND we get right to customizing it for how you will use it. Feel free to ask your network technician about ways to make your life easier. Are you already in a copier lease but not happy with the functionality of the machine or have outgrown it? We can often buy out your current copier lease and get you into something more to your liking.