What to look for when searching for a copier company

Are you a small or medium business that has determined that printing cost are silently eating away at your profits?

bizhub 754 copier lease3 things to know before you lock in a copier company

  1. Do they have any current customers in your area? This is great at determining things like service times and if the copier company is familiar with business in your area.
  2. What do you currently spend on ink/toner, troubleshooting, setup and maintenance? In order to really determine the cost savings and the return on investment of a monthly copier lease, you need to pull all your invoices, petty cash, credit card statements and truly identify what your REAL cost today are. If the copier company you are considering doesn’t first uncover your true cost, they really aren’t a partner, and simply want to sell you something.
  3. Do they sell more than one brand? Many independent companies have been scooped up and now are part of the main copier company for which they sell. Ricoh, Toshiba, Lexmark, and many others all sell direct. This may seem like a competitive advantage, but its not always as it seems. When you only have a hammer, everything you see is a nail. Same with copier sales; price, size, speed and quality are just a few factors that determine what copier best suits you. An independent copier company will be able to offer you a greater selection, and that is better for your business.