How long will my printer ink / toner last?

toner costWhen printer companies talk about how many pages of print you get from a single toner/ink purchase, its based off average ink/toner coverage, and they use 5% coverage as the standard. Regrettably, 5% isn’t a substantial quantity. Your a typical office, so you’re not printing exactly the same thing repeatedly and there’s an excellent chance your coverage (and the number of actual prints) are going to be far less than the great sounding number that is quoted.

This will cost your company money by purchasing the incorrect printer. Deciding what type of copier or printer must go beyond spec sheets and the booklet. As a would-be buyer, think about the typical documents you print, and does your coverage look like a fax cover page or more often like a full page of printed text. If you’re generating output of a typical sheet of 8.5 x 11 with full page of text, you going to be better off leasing a copier / printer. Most MFP’s have cost per print that will result in a lower price per page cost.

Final thought: You should consider a copier lease if you believe your print prices could get out of control with coverage printing that is not 5%, or if you’re uncertain of your print output coverage. Don’t pay the price per page of three times more – and a commercial copier will get the job done in half the time. Most office equipment sellers have fixed price per page strategies that enable customers to pay for what they create in reference to what’s printed so you can budget accordingly. As an additional advantage, they’ll normally furnish all consumables and care when it needs to be repaired so you do not have to worry about running out of imaging supplies or repair of the gear.