Lease a Copier

Lease a Copier

If you’re looking to lease a copier now or in the future, we are here to help answer your questions and give advice. What are some of the reasons you might want to lease a copier vs. buy a copier?


Repairs and Maintenance

lease copierEver looked at a copier repair manual? Most copier repair manuals are 900+ pages and written with the expectation that a certified copier lease technician will repair it. If you buy the copier, new or used, vs. copier leasing, you will still 100% need a copier technician at some point. Depending on how many copies/prints per month you make, and how often you use the scanner, you actually NEED a copier technician to provide preventative maintenance or risk causing more expensive dammage to your copier.

Simplified Cost

copier leaseAs a business owner, big or small, you job is to spend as much time taking care of your customers and making your employees and customers happy. When you lease a copier, you are able to reduce the different people/departments that have to process and purchase supplies, service, and billing for your copier. When you lease a copier, you get a single monthly payment that includes EVERYTHING but the paper! No more “where do we get toner?” or “who do we call for repair?” You call or go online and get toner and service.


Upgrade/Downgrade your copier lease

copier leasing changeWith any business, the flow of customers and business is never constant. A copier lease provides you with the flexibility to swap out of your smaller copier and into a faster one without having to purchase a completely new machine as you would with a traditional purchase. What about if your business has an unexpected slow down? No problem, move into a smaller copier lease and reduce your monthly payment.


Lease a copier today

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