Copier cost – how accurate are your latest quotes?

How much does a business copier cost?

A business copier costs start about $150/mo. Surprised we just answered that so quick? Most of your Google searches today about the cost of a copier will have you read a ton of information and the will most likely end up with you needing to talk to someone. That’s not how we work; we prefer to answer your copier cost question before we require a phone call. Our goal is to help you with your buying experience. Before you jump to another page or worse, make a copier purchase, let’s discuss why a copier purchase may not be good for your business – read on to find out why you should consider your copy cost carefully.

 How much does a business copier cost? – No, I mean really cost

When you first saw that $150/mo price, what was your first thought?  If you thought, “I only pay $65 for ink now”. That’s a rational conclusion, but if we dig a little deeper, there is more than meets the eye. That inkjet or even small laserjet, holds about 100 sheets of paper, and after filling the paper tray for the second time (200 pages) you are often forced to buy new ink – often when the other ink / toner tanks are NOT even empty! A  sub $200 printer, plus $65 for every 200 pages you print means you pay  $130/mo to print only 400 pages/mo. ! Crazy right?

$130/mo for a consumer printer?

Now you have a printer / copier costing  $130/mo. and you still have to go out and buy the ink, and service the unit yourself when you have problems. What about speed and quality? – Does your consumer printer / copier keep up with your demands?

With a copier lease for as little as $150/mo., you could have a single payment that includes 1,000 black and white copies and 200 color per month, as well as free and unlimited same day service calls for your copier / printer. Not to mention that as the toner is included in your monthly cost, you simply order toner when you need it. Use more than 1,000 black or 200 color, we can review your current printers internal meters and show you how many copies per month you average.

So, how much does a business copier cost? too much! Find out how a lease can be the best choice.