Don’t Lease a copier till you know this

copier leaseHave you been getting ready to rent a multifunction copier for the office? Beyond the suggestion of the copier salesman there are several things which should be contemplated. Comprehend the rules of the local seller (and prices) before you enter into any long term contract to shield your organization from concealed expenses associated with a lease.





1.Many sellers bill otherwise for copies or prints made on bigger sized paper or tabloid. In the imaging business, most sellers use some form of price per copy computation.

2. Who pays for prints or service copies ran during service calls?

During service visits it’s standard for a tech to run several hundred prints to verify the problem is resolved.

3. Are you charge on supplies like toner, or just staples?

4. Is there any fee for making scans on the gear?

A growing number of multifunction devices are used for e-mail transmission and file archiving. Having to buy scans made is not a standard practice, but still a great thing to verify before jumping in.

5. What occurs by the end of your copier lease ?

How can your seller address removals and lease expiration? Furthermore, realize what occurs before the lease ends with your gear  To put it differently, does, or doesn’t your lease renew?

6. How can insurance work with the gear you rent?

1/4% of the strength value is the sector average per month. Inquire if you’re able to use your own insurance or if you have to use the insurance company associated with the leasing company.

7. Is property tax additional on a lease?

8. What’s your guarantee if you’re dissatisfied after the deal?

Does your seller respect giving you a completely different machine if something was not properly assessed?

9. Are there fees I should know about?

Every seller runs differently, so make an effort to summarize what is or is not covered.

10. What occurs after lease is over to the hard drive?

With the recent reports of security violations in the imaging business, it is necessary to realize just what happens to the hard drive of your machine if you return your gear by the end .