Copier Lease Vs Purchase

Is Copier Lease a Better Option than a Copier Purchase?

Great, you are already one step ahead if you are here! You are likely to be one of the 3 types of customer:

  1. Have one or more small printers / copiers but the cost of ink, toner and maintenance has become a  job in itself.
  2. You have experience with copier leasing and looking for the right company to help fill your copier lease needs
  3. You are new to the need for a copier and want to know which is best, a copier lease vs purchase.

1. Copier Lease vs Purchase

If you’re the first example, I don’t have to spend much time talking about as your printer / copier fleet grows, so does the time it takes to keep them all copier leasingrunning. You may feel like the clown in the picture, juggling all the different task to keep everyone going. The first thing you need to know is copier leasing alleviates all this. If you replace your 10 different desktop printers with 10 same model, high output printers, it becomes much easier to manage. Now only 1 toner cartridge do you need to keep on hand, and everyone becomes more comfortable printing to the standardized fleet.


2. Toner and Service – No longer your problem with copier leasing

copier leasing colorado

Copier leasing takes the headaches of setting up a new user to print, installing the new printer on the network, finding the paper jam when there is NO PAPERJAM! “PC load letter” no longer is your problem, your local copier leasing company will

copier leasing paper jam

make sure that you get same day service for all your service needs. Toner close to out and seems like everyone else in town also ran out of that same ink / toner also? Toner is part of your copier lease and is shipped usually 2-day air direct to you! Just call when your low and we will ship it out.


3. All inclusive payment and service

When you purchase a printer or copier outright, that’s just the beginning. But, with a copier leasing company, they simplify your billing and things you had to usually send someone out to do. Copier toner and unlimited maintenance service calls are all part of your copier leasing agreement. [clear]

So if you needed to know whether to opt for a copier lease vs purchase, we hope you understand now the difference and perhaps will realize that a copier lease is a fairly all-inclusive way to have a copier available at your business. A purchase on the other hand, is going to require you to get involved in its care, service, stocking consumables and perhaps understanding the operation of multiple manufacturers’ models as you chase the best copier deals. We believe a copier lease has by far the most predictable cost structure so for that reason alone, leasing is the best option for a business looking to manage costs.