Should I buy or lease my printer / copier?

There’s lots of value to possessing something. The lack of interest and payments are clearly the largest of motives. Nevertheless, possessing your multifunctioncost of ownership copier office copier occasionally is not the fiscal strategy that is finest. Companies stand to gain in various manners with a copier lease done right. It’s a typical myth we hear on a regular basis in our company, and points to copier leases better when you consider the total price of doing business.

Not always. Here’s why:

1. If so, it is generally more economical to lease according to the arithmetic.

2. Is cash significant for your business? Would you need a credit line extended if an unanticipated expense happens?

3. To put it simply, what’s your “yield” on matters like marketing, investments, sales bonuses, stock, etc. Keep your cash and use your IRR to generate income for the business, if it is higher in relation to the rate paid on a multifunction copier lease.

4. If you are intending to get cash at the bank as opposed to leasing, consider the price borrowing that is accurate. With Ricoh or Konica Minolta leases, service is generally more affordable, and you generally have more flexibility with guarantees and contract upgrades. Plus, if you are intending to shift gear after four or five years, odds of getting anything for it (yourself) are slim to none.

Consider leasing your multifunction office copier next time around, if the preceding points are justifiable. Be cognizant of your contract’s particular parameters and understand how things are computed for the lease’s term.