Most of the businesses in Katy, Texas need copiers to make duplicates of their documents, receipts, and agreements. Having your own copier can make something simple like keeping track of employee applications even easier. Having full access to a copier is practically indispensible when it comes to more difficult tasks like preparing your tax documents.

Since some businesses find it difficult to purchase the copiers that they need so much, Doc Resources has committed itself to meeting the highest service standards. We also offer a broad range of copier models.

At Doc Resources, we’re committed to meeting your needs. That has encouraged us to develop several services that other copier sellers don’t offer in the Katy area.

Get Credit From Doc Resources

Whether you plan to buy a black and white or color printer from Doc Resources, will can help make the prices more affordable for your business. That’s true whether you are a large, established company that has been operating in Katy for decades, or you’re an upstart that is just getting its initial investments together.

Doc Resources makes copiers more affordable by letting you purchase equipment on credit. That way, you don’t have to make one lump payment. You can spread payments out to make them more affordable. Plus, you get to avoid the high interest rates that credit card companies charge.

Saving on Refurbished Copiers

We also have a long list of refurbished copiers that may match your organization’s needs without forcing you to spend more money than absolutely necessary.

In many cases, you can get the same features from a refurbished copier as a brand new one. The biggest difference is that we help you save money by giving you access to our refurbished models.

Buying Color Copiers in Katy, TX

Many businesses believe that color copiers will work best for them. Doc Resources has a large line of copiers that offer advanced features as well as color copying. This should make it easier for you and your employees when you are:

  •  Copying materials for presentations
  •  Binding reports for board members
  •  Developing fresh marketing materials to attract new clients
  • Black and White Copiers From Doc Resources

    Other businesses feel that black and white copiers work perfectly fine for them. Just because you want a black and white copier, doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want advanced features.

    Since we also have a large catalog of these copiers, we’re happy to help you find the perfect model for your needs.

    Exceeding the Expectations of Our Katy Clients

    Doc Resources loves working in the Katy area, and we love helping other businesses in our community succeed.

    We are confident that we can find your business or organization a copier that meets the needs and budgetary constraints of your office. No matter what you choose to buy, we will give you the highest level of customer service. It doesn’t matter whether you bought a dozen new color copiers or one refurbished black and white copier. If you are one of our clients, we will do anything possible to make sure you are satisfied.

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