You are likely here after quickly discovering that most retailers don’t carry 11 x 17 printers. In fact only office supply companies even carry the paper. When printing on larger paper such as 11 x 17, the printer has to be of a higher standard in order to maintain a consistent print across the entire 17 inches. (11 inches is much easier to maintain a line of black or color toner) Also, 11 x 17 prints are going to be more expensive due to the size of the paper and how much ink they lay down. Finding a printer / copier that will have a consistent print at a good cost is very important when making this decision.

We recommend

The RICOH® Aficio SP 6330N

11 x 17 copier lease

It delivers the speed, versatile paper supply and convenience to handle any job from envelopes to spreadsheets. Simple, yet sophisticated, the Ricoh Aficio SP 6330N combines long-lasting All-In-One print cartridge technology with professional solution support including remote device monitoring utilities, plus an array of advanced data security features like network authentication and user access codes.

For as little as $100/mo you get:

  • reduced cost per page
  • standardize printer fleet
  • new printer every 3yrs
  • Next day toner replenishment
  • Multiple financing options
  • Understand color print/copy requirements
  • Same day service
  • Help desk services
  • Full service printer installation by Network Tech
  • Full on-site analysis of your needs
  • Customized end user training
  • Recommendations on device deployment
  • Remote or on-site monitoring of devices